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Chego 2019

Friday, 15th February 2019 at 7.30: Christ Church, New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0AW

Wednesday 17th April 2019: The Cramphorn Theatre Chelmsford, 1pm. (Free or £1 voluntary donation)

 Friday 10th May 2019: Chelmsford Cathedral Lunchtime Concert 12.30-1.30(Free or voluntary donation)

New members are always welcome. Rehearsals begin 16th January.

Chelmsford Guitar Orchestra meets fortnightly on Wednesdays at The Heritage Centre, Galleywood Common, Chelmsford CM2 8TR.  If you play classical guitar and have some music reading ability, why not join us? You don't have to be brilliant - maybe grade 3 or higher and be willing to do some practice from time to time.

The subscription fee is very affordable at £20 for three two-hour sessions.

You can see extracts from some of our past concerts by clicking the links below.

Tarantella Napoletana at Christ Church September 30th 2016

July 18th 2014 concert at Christ Church 

Church of Our Saviour extracts set 1

Church of Our Saviour extracts set 2

Cramphorn Theatre Compilation 

Christ Church Compilation  

Chego (Chelmsford Guitar Orchestra)

There are relatively few classical guitar orchestras in existence compared to the many and varied groups of assorted strings, woodwind, brass and percussion which have the ability to sustain notes and employ a wide range of dynamics and tone colours.

However, guitar players are very keen to show what can be done with six nylon strings stretched across a wooden box; each string can be an instrument; melody, harmony and bass lines can all be played simultaneously by one player and when those resources are shared amongst a group of players the possibilities are even greater. Chego consists of some of the best guitar players in our city and who have come together to show what can be done with such instruments and with a bit of imagination and ingenuity.

The group is directed by Roger Montgomery who has taught music for most of a lifetime and performed in many combinations and styles. After a number of years of teaching, performing and composing the time came to form a group to show what guitarists combined can do.

Chego was born in 2011 starting with Roger's own pupils and has now expanded to include new friends and colleagues. Some of their repertoire consists of Roger's original compositions which aim to be tuneful, harmonically interesting and, of course, perfectly suited for guitars to play. It also gives the orchestra an element of originality. The group is growing in number and is always happy to enlist new members wherever possible. We hope you will enjoy listening to us today.

If you play classical guitar and would like to join us, or, if you would like us to play at your function or event please contact Roger(see contact details below). There is a small fee to cover expenses.

Please visit our website frequently; Roger can be contacted by email: or phone: 07773155981.

Please click here to read review of our Cathedral Concert June 2013.

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